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Failure Analysis – Water valve proximal fracture face

Surface Analysis – Complete with (SEM) for live data presented for interactive client review or in-office consultation

Not your everyday lab

Chemical Analysis – Chemical analysis on metals, plastics, polymer, paint, adhesives and raw materials

Quantitative results available on large or ultra-small sample areas

Floorplan designed to expedite a test protocol according to standard ASTM guidelines

Upscale, clean test environment

Presented in an Easy to Understand Package

Multimedia Formal Reports

Let us incorporate captioned images and data tables into presentation pages good enough for a short-notice boardroom meeting; no need to rewrite our report into your company report format. Most clients can present our detailed and bullet-pointed images as their own work.

Formal reports include conclusions backed up by scientific evidence, executive summaries, and discussions so you can move forward with business decisions, correct a supplier, or explain a quality-related failure to a customer.

Neutral Lab Daily Rental for Raw Data Collection

Joint Investigations

Investigate why a product failed using our impressive facilities and experienced personnel. Our 10,000-sq. ft. lab has an open floor plan designed to expedite test specimens from one set of test instruments to the next. We have an upscale, clean test environment housing a Chemistry Lab, Mechanical Lab, Metallurgical Lab and Surface Analysis LabDouble doors and a fork lift can accommodate large crates or heavy industrial parts.

Our executive area, near a large sample selection room, has separate huddle rooms and a conference room. The huddle rooms allow for private retreats for personal interests or conversations between groups. If you wish to observe from a distance, relax in a lounge equipped with premium cable HDTV, easy chairs, and cold beverages. Want to work while your expert collects data? Stolk Labs offers four dedicated task desks to make paperwork on other matters achievable during visits.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited

Review our Certificate and Scope of Accreditation. Feel free to download and save for your records.



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